How can exercise change your life?


Have you ever waked up  with a deep stress feeling?  Everything turn in to terrible and boring to handle, body become out of control and it’s usually happening day by day. If the answer is yes, you can understand that your body is trying to tell you it is empty energy  and need recharge immediately.

Don’t waste your time to thinking anymore, planing a daily training exercise to heat up body and smooth your feeling now. We all know exercise can make life better, but do you know how it comes? You are too busy to come gym center or can’t  go down the street for jogging even 30 minutes, find out to discover how exercise bring you lots of benefits from your spirit to the physical body, maybe you will change your mind when understand the good things you receive even 15 minutes exercise daily are hard to ignore.

Check out the ways exercise can help to up level your life

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A handbook for beginners with Jogging(Part 1)


You love to jogging every morning, but you don’t know how to start?  This articles is for beginners with jogging, please read it carefully to start jogging. A best exercise to improve our health.

Running help you relieve stress, prevent cancer, helps strong bones and a healthy heart. Found out some reson you should jogging everyday

  1. Simple

There is nothing simpler than running because everybody knows running, no special skills or complicated tools, just a good pair of shoes and a sports brassiere match can start. If there are conditions, you can run on your computer.

  1. Good for cardio

When the foot stride while running, forcing blood to the heart. You run as fast as heart, must work even more so and more heart-healthy.

  1. Good for the knees

Contrary to many comments that run will cause arthritis pain, a recent study by health authorities, the national American nutritionists said, people jogging or often have weighed on average less expensive risk of arthritis pain compared to those who are obese, sedentary. Jogging helps strong ligaments, helpful in linking the knee helping healthy bones. This simple exercise helps lose weight. The important thing is that you need to pay attention instead of regular running shoes.

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10 places you should come to discover Japan

Japan is the country that has a unique culture with an interesting history. In addition to the cultural and economic centers such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and other familiar locations such as Mount Fuji, the ice in Hokkaido, Okinawa sea…, a Japanese tourist was also pointed to the incredible historic landmarks as well as beautiful. The Japanese are hard working, diligence and discipline made the monumental buildings and preserving nature bestowed creator. Read this article to discover Japan

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7 Amazing Benefits of drinking Coffee


Drink coffee any good? The question arises not only from my own, you own that look like from everyone (including those who do not have the habit of drinking coffee). In fact, everything has two side good – bad. If the adjusted everything in moderation, then people will take advantage of the greater good. If drinking too much coffee per day, you would be very tired looking, sad Pontius ilate, restlessness, heart arrhythmia, hypertension, hard to sleep… especially with older people, children and people with a history of heart disease or nervous tension, you should abstain from coffee. Can’t say drink coffee is good in these cases.

Coffee is a drink very popular in many countries. Perhaps there is a stimulant would be legitimate and widely used around the world as the coffee. Coffee is sold under a variety of powdered, granular, or drink on the spot, in the supermarket, restaurant. You can buy this at any time and buy as much also. Coffee is a stimulant. However, some recent information indicates the opposite conclusions about the impact of this drink. Some say drinking coffee reduces the risk of many types of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, memory loss. Others back to that coffee increases blood pressure, blood glucose is even causing infertility. Where is the truth?

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Afternoon tea parties in Korean

Afternoon tea (afternoon tea parties) of the Uk start from the middle of the 19th century. Lunch of the middle and upper classes usually start at 12 o’clock or 1 hour, and dinner was started later than in about 7 to 8 hours.

Anna Maria, Duchess of Bedford is credited for initiating the traditional afternoon tea in 1841, when she began drinking tea and snacking on some drivers to shorten the distance between meals.

This idea was very intrigued and soon to be everyone’s favorite when the Duchess invites visitors to join the afternoon tea parties in a special best ritual. For the elite, they never had the afternoon tea party because they usually dine early. However, this form is becoming increasingly widespread in the 1960s.

Not just in England has culture drink tea and eat cake between sessions. That in South Korea , the tea party also carries unique’s very own.

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History of tattoos in countries around the world

free art

An interesting fact is that tattooing has become a popular art from around the world since centuries ago.

Tattoo phrases are said to have two main sources-one is derived from the word ‘ ta ‘ in the Polynesian language, meaning “to highlight something,” and one is derived from the word ‘ tatau ‘ in Tahitian, meaning “to mark something”. Up to now, the history of these tattoos has spent a long time over 5000 years along with the development of the human.

There is a theory that first tattoo was created very casually. Someone suffering a wound and removing it by hand full of soot and ash. The result is that when the wound heals, they see a trace can not delete on the skin.

In this article, we will go through the history of tattoo.

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Discover definition of Thailand cuisine


Thailand cuisine is a subtle blend of herbs, spices and fresh food with special culinary style. Each dish or the overall meal has a subtle mixing between spicy, sour, sweet and bitter. This is an integral part of Thais culture and become one of the factors that attract tourists.
In Thais conception, the meals can help connect human together. During the meal, the main dish is rice or steamed sticky rice with is processed according to the different ways, according to the taste of each region. That is curry, soup, stew or fry, salad and add one or more basic sauce, such as the fish sauce and peppers. The Thai enjoys dessert with fresh fruit or traditional cakes. In particular, the Thai considers cooking is the most preferred way of entertaining. Each region has a way of eating and cook separately. When we say “Thailand cuisine”, the fact that we’re talking about 4 distinct culinary regions, each region has a characteristic in their traditional cooking way.
In addition to Thailand cuisine, we must also mention the Siamese Court cuisine before, originally popular in the imperial family, today it is widely disseminated.

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Change eating habits to have a good sleep.


Insomnia is considered the disease brings many annoyances, it affects your life and your health, there are many causes of insomnia, however to find out the cause and treatment of a radical way is not easy. The sleep did not come easily, even when the mind’s in relax state. If you do not want to use sleep aid drugs but want to choose the natural way, then one of the easiest ways is to change eating habits.

Here are some foods should restrict or supplement in the diet to get the good night’s sleep

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The exercise can rock your entire upper body (part 1)

Do pull up

Today is articles for training. Health can’t be purchased, and you need to do workout to get a good health. There are many exercises that you can choose: swimming, jogging, tennis… But I especially love pull up exercise, Therefore, in this article I want to introduce pull up exercise which is very effective in training your health and body.

Pull up is extremely effective exercise to lose weight, increase strength and muscle. You can come gym center, or do pull up exercise at home. All the things you need just only one pull up bar, you can make one at home(go here for instruction) or buy one if you want to have a professional bar ( You can check, this site has some detail reviews about pull up bar which can help you to choose the best).

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